Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winnipeg Invisalign Dentist - TMJ Pain Relief Invisaline Braces

Invisalign Braces For Relief From TMJ Pain

If you have ever felt pain when moving your jaw then you could be suffering from a condition known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ. This disorder affects the jaw joints, ligaments and muscles, and is actually very common. As uncomfortable and annoying as this disorder is, it is very treatable.

Symptoms of TMJ

The symptoms of TMJ are numerous, and can include general pain in the jaw and face, stiffness and swelling in the jaw, and headaches. Your jaw may be especially stiff after waking in the morning, and it may be difficult or sore to open and close your mouth.

If the jaw clicks when talking or eating then this is another sign of it not working as it should, and could be an indication of TMJ being present.

Braces May Alleviate the Pain From TMJ

One of the most common factors contributing to TMJ is that the teeth are not aligned correctly. If this is the case then in order to cure the disorder the alignment will need to be corrected through the use of braces.

Adults are often uncomfortable or embarrassed to be seen wearing braces, however this should never be the case as this corrective procedure is absolutely necessary for cosmetic as well as medical reasons.

Adults Prefer Clear Braces

For those people who are embarrassed to be seen wearing braces there is an invaluable solution. Invisalign clear braces are practically invisible, and yet work even more effectively than regular conspicuous adult braces at aligning teeth. These clear aligners are especially designed by Invisalign to ensure that there is no need for metal wires or brackets.

Advantages of Invisaline Braces

The major advantage of Invisaline clear braces over regular wire and bracket adult braces is that they are easily removable during the course of the treatment. Regular braces are fixed making them inconvenient during meals and when brushing teeth. Invisaline have designed their adult braces to be completely removable so that everyday tasks such as eating, brushing teeth and flossing can be easily accomplished.

It is important to remember however that the more time the braces are actually on the teeth the more effective the improvement will be, whether you are suffering from TMJ or if you simply have crooked teeth which need to be realigned.

Invisalign Aligners - The Clear Solution

Invisalign clear braces are a popular and effective solution. They are much more convenient and comfortable than old fashioned metal wire and bracket braces, and in fact Invisalign prefer to call them aligners rather than adult braces to emphasize this difference.

Of course they are also virtually invisible, meaning that instead of being embarrassed by highly noticeable metal wire braces you can simply look forward to a perfectly straight smile.

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